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Is Your Child Safety Seat Registered?

As a parent, you want to keep your child safe at all costs. You understand the importance of an effective, good-quality child safety seat that will prevent your child from suffering an injury in the event of an auto accident. Yet often, parents are unknowingly using child safety seats that have been recalled by manufacturers for defects. This may be because your carseat was a gift, a hand-me-down, or simply that you did not register it after purchase.

Manufacturers of child safety seats are required by law to notify all registered owners when the product they own is being recalled. They can’t notify you, though, if they don’t know you own their product. That’s why it’s critical that you register your child safety seat with the manufacturer. As consumers, we’re all familiar with those registration cards that come with the product’s packaging. Many of us throw them away without even thinking about it, but that’s a habit that can be dangerous.

For example, a safety recall was issued on September 12, 2013, by Dorel Juvenile Group for car seats manufactured between Junly 20, 2010 and May 18, 2011, and sold under the names of Safety 1st and Eddie Bauer. If you owned one of those seats and you heard there was a recall by Dorel, you might think your seat was fine because you didn’t realize Safety 1st and Eddie Bauer seats were manufactured by Dorel. If you registered your seat with the manufacturer, however, you would have received a notification of the recall and steps to follow for repair or replacement.

According to the website, there have been around 50 child safety seat recalls since 2005, which included around 8 million seats. If that included your child’s carseat, wouldn’t you want to know?

The National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) states that, to register your seat, you’ll need the following information, most of which can be obtained from the label attached to the seat:

Your name
Your current mailing address
Manufacturer’s name
Date of Manufacture
Model Number
Model Name

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