Auto-Injury Crash in Oklahoma City
Auto-Injury Crash in Oklahoma City
Sep 30 2017 0

Jessie Hamilton will live after being severely injured in hit-and-run in Tulsa

The daughters of a sand springs woman who was the victim of a hit-and-run last Thursday remains hopeful in their mom’s recovery.

Jessie Hamilton was driving on I-244 coming home from her cousin’s birthday party. Investigators believe Hamilton started having a stroke while driving. Hamilton attempted to pull over but was struck from behind by another a vehicle traveling at high speeds. The results of the crash were devastating and the driver who hit Hamilton fled the scene. The back of Hamilton’s vehicle was smashed in and Hamilton sustained massive injuries. Luckily someone called an ambulance and they were able to rescue her.

Tulsa police are now looking into the cause of the crash and as of now, the only know the other vehicle was a blue truck. Forensic experts are examining Hamilton’s car for any evidence available. Hamilton’s family and police are asking anyone with information to come forward and help identify the suspect. Hamilton’s daughters believe their mother will recover from this and regain her life. They say she has always had a fighting spirit and this is just another obstacle.

Tulsa Police are searching everywhere for the driver and hope to catch them soon. We offer our condolences to the Hamilton family and hope justice is received soon. If anyone sees a blue truck with damage to the front of the vehicle they are instructed to report it to police.

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Auto-Injury Crash in Oklahoma City