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A Jet Ski accident at Lake Tenkiller left a 14-year-old boy in the hospital

A boating accident on Lake Tenkiller left a 14-year-old boy hospitalized according to a report by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

The marine division of the OHP was called to investigate a boating collision that took place on Lake Tenkiller. Near the Horseshoe Bend area, a Polaris Jet Ski driven by Cody Winsett with the 14-year-old as a passenger was riding and enjoying the day. At the same time, a Waverunner operated by a man named James Hall was traveling near them. The two jet ski drivers began to interact and play with each other.

Due to the playing and turbulence created by the jet skis, the boy fell from the jet ski and into the water. Once in the water, the boy was hit by Hall’s Waverunner and suffered major injuries. Luckily, the boy survived the accident with his life, but he had to be treated for a head injury. When police and medical personnel arrived at the scene, they provided basic treatment to the boy before transporting him to Northeastern Health Systems in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.

Once the boy was safe and receiving medical treatment, the police began conducting an investigation into what actually caused the crash. They took statements from both drivers and believe recklessness led to the crash. They have not stated who is to blame at this time and authorities say it will be some time before all the facts are determined. Police told both men they are lucky the boy survived and they each have a lesson to learn. The condition of both drivers was not reported but police will be checking for alcohol.

Investigators are also trying to determine the position of both jet skis at the time the boy fell into the water. Police say they were all interacting and splashing water just before the crash. If this is true, then they were most likely stationary while trying to create the splash. If they were stationary, police want to know the reason Hall began to move his vehicle. The investigation is still underway and as details surface, we will update the story.

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