Aug 26 2017 0

Kali Friend injured after drunk friend veers off road

A report by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol says a Kansas woman was injured in a crash last Saturday in Grant County. Authorities says the crash happened after 2 a.m., just south of the Kansas state border on the Oklahoma side.

Police say the vehicle was driven by a man names Mark Joens and the passenger was 18-year-old Kali Friend. Joens is said to have drove off the road after failing to navigate a curve in the road.

After leaving the road, Joens’ vehicle then hit a sign which sent the car into a spin cycle. When the dust settled, Joens was not injured, but his passenger Kali Friend was taken to a hospital in Caldwell, Kansas. After being stabalized at Caldwell, she was then moved to a hospital in Wichita, Kansas.

As of now, Friend is in critical condition and the investigation in to the crash is still going. Authorities say Joens was under the influence of alcohol but so far no arrests have been made.

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