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Kingfisher Crash Injures 8

multiple victim accidentA crash near Kingfisher, Oklahoma injured 8 people on Wednesday night.  The collisions involved two vehicles and occurred on County Road 2740 about 10 miles west of Kingfisher.  Oklahoma Highway Patrol reports that Scott Lewis Bobo III, 25, drove southbound on 2740.  Bobo crossed the center line and struck a northbound vehicle driven by Ernesto Reveles-Garcia, 44, of Hutchinson, KS.

Bobo was pinned  under the vehicle for about 35 minutes before he was extricated and airlifted to a nearby hospital.  Two passengers traveling in Bobo’s vehicle also suffered injuries.   Additionally, Five passengers traveling in Reveles-Garcia’s vehicle injured.   None of the eight victims sustained life-threatening injuries.  All victims were wearing seat belts when the collision occurred.  Police cited Bobo for driving left of center and noted an odor of alcohol on his breath.

Multiple Victim Accidents

In many cases, car accidents involve more than one victim.  Passengers and drivers are equally at risk of suffering injury every time they step into a vehicle.  Depending on how and where a crash occurs, everyone within a vehicle can suffer injuries.

So how do insurance companies handle Oklahoma car accidents with multiple victims?  In every case, an insurance policy has two limits they will pay for injuries.  The first limit is a per person limit.  This means that the company will pay a maximum pre-determined amount to any single person injured in an accident.  The second limit is a per accident limit.  This means that the company will only pay up to a certain amount for all victims injured in an accident.

As an example, assume that an insurance company has a $50,000 per person and a $100,000 per accident limit and there are five injured victims.   No person will be able to recover more than $50,000 for their injuries.  Also, once the insurance company has paid a total of $100,000 in claims for this particular accident, they will not pay anything additional.  This often leaves victims with less than full compensation.

At the McGuire Law Firm, we assist people involved in multiple victim accidents.  Many people are unaware that multiple insurance policies may cover a single claim.  It is crucial to locate and recover all available benefits in cases involving serious injuries.   If we can help you in this situation, please call us today at 888-352-0624 for your free consultation.

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