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Labor Day weekend saw tragedy as William and Cathy Crocker were killed in a boating accident at Keystone Lake

Two Oklahomans are dead after a boat collision at Keystone Lake.

Authorities say William Crocker and Cathy Crocker were together on their Sea-Doo at Keystone Lake around 9:15 p.m. Around this time a V.I.P boat crashed into them and the results were devastating. It’s unclear how much time passed before emergency personnel arrived but when they did, the couple was pronounced dead. William Crocker was 56-years-old and Cathy Crocker was 48-years old, they lived together in Sand Springs, Oklahoma.

Authorities say the Crocker’s Sea-Doo didn’t have lights and believe this may have caused the crash. However, police are not entirely convinced of this. A full investigation is being done to analyze the collision. Authorities are also checking the condition of those involved in the crash to test for drugs and alcohol. Police have not released the condition of the occupants of the V.I.P boat. As police release details, we will provide updates.


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