Two-Vehicle Accident in Lawton
Two-Vehicle Accident in Lawton
Dec 29 2018 0

Lawton, OK – Two-Vehicle Accident Near Belmont Avenue

Police Investigate Two-Vehicle Accident

Lawton, OK (December 29, 2018) On the 26th of December, a two-vehicle accident happened near Belmont Avenue and 11th Street. According to the reports, the two vehicles also collided into a power pole. When an ambulance arrived, they tended to the injured parties, but it’s unspecified whether they were transported to hospitals. The accidents are under investigation.

We hope all injured victims fully recover from their injuries without any complications.

Vehicle Accidents in Oklahoma

Two-Vehicle Accident in Lawton

The leading cause of most vehicle accidents is usually drivers not being fully focused on the road due to fatigue, alcohol consumption, cell phone usage, and a number of other distractions. Most of the time drivers partake in distracting behavior because they don’t believe it will put them and others in harm’s way. Although some distractions appear more dangerous than others, they’re all equally hazardous.

The police are currently investigating this accident to determine causation and liability. They’re checking for mechanical issues, bad road conditions, and the state of mind of each driver to see if any of these factors played a role in this collision. Once the police complete their investigation, the injured victim may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit with the help of an attorney.

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Two-Vehicle Accident in Lawton