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Lawyer Help For Your Limb Injury

If You Need Lawyer Help, You Found the Right Team

All sorts of unexpected accidents can cause limb injuries that may end up costing hundreds of dollars or more in medical expenses. This depends on the severity of the injury and can range from wearing a cast for a broken bone to the possibility of surgical amputation. As you might predict, this can run up the medical bill higher than anticipated, especially if you end up requiring physical therapy afterward. If the injury was not your fault, seeking lawyer help could be a possible solution to your situation.

Types of Limb Injuries and Causes in Oklahoma

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Limb injuries range from broken bones to mild bruises. More severe cases involve dislocated shoulders or other joints and strains, which are internal muscle injuries. Less serious cases are nail injuries and sprains, which heal much faster with fewer expenses or possible physical therapy. Some injuries may be severe enough to require surgical amputation, after which an individual’s life will be permanently altered. If you’ve been injured, receiving medical attention should always be your first priority, but an experienced attorney at law can assist you even in these early stages with your lawyer help.

Broken bones will heal, but amputation of a limb often involves several sessions of physical therapy, custom prosthetic limb manufacturing, and coping with the new limitations that come with some amputations. Phantom limb pain is another challenge faced by amputees in which the way the brain reorganizes itself after the loss of a limb, can induce unpleasant sensations where that limb used to be.

There are treatments for phantom limb pain that can alleviate or get rid of the pain, but in some cases, the pain becomes chronic and debilitating to the individual for most of their life. Limb injuries can result from playing sports, manual labor, and accidents at work, falling, and other related scenarios.

No matter the injury, it’s always in your best interest to find an attorney in Oklahoma with experience handling your kind of case.

Oklahoma Insurance Company Challenges

The biggest challenge for some cases of limb injuries like amputations or severely broken bones is that health insurance companies may not cover all the extra health care that comes with these types of injuries. A study at John Hopkins Center for Injury Research and Policy estimated the lifetime cost of amputation at $509,275. These costs include hospitalization, rehabilitation, physical therapy, prosthetic, and other expenses.

This amount of money owed can put many individuals into bankruptcy, especially if the individual has lost a job because of the loss of a leg impaired work performance. Co-pays and deductibles add up enough, but the cost of therapy may not be covered by an individual’s health care plan. An experienced attorney at law can help you manage these expenses and seek the compensation you deserve.

When You Should Find an Attorney

If your limb injury was in any way caused by the negligence of another individual’s actions or the lack of proper warnings or other precautions at a job, then you may be able to work with an attorney at law to get compensation for your medical expenses. Lawyer help can greatly benefit anyone stuck in a stressful and scary financial situation.

Oklahoma City Personal Injury Lawyer

Many personal injury lawyers in Oklahoma specialize in cases in which the negligence of an individual or organization resulted in your injury. If you are struggling with a limb injury caused by negligence or a related incident, contact the best Oklahoma City lawyer at Kent McGuire Law by dialing (405) 513-5658 for a free consultation to see if you are qualified