Sep 23 2017 0

At least one person in critical condition after injury accident in Owasso

Owasso Police responded to an injury accident on the 11600 block of N. 145 Ave.

According to a report, two vehicles were involved in the accident. Investigators believe one of the drivers were distracted while driving which caused the collision. Authorities aren’t fully sure about what happened, and the investigation is still pending. The conditions of the drivers were not reported meaning both appeared to be normal at the scene. It’s unclear who called the police, but both drivers were at the scene when officers arrived.

Luckily, all involved parties made it out alive with minor injuries. One of the driver’s injuries was more severe than the other and that person was taken to a hospital for further treatment. Police have not provided the names or updates about either of the drivers at this time due to the on-going investigation. As the situation changes we will provide updates to the story. At this time, neither driver was cited for their involvement in the crash.

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