Aug 31 2017 0

Lincoln County crash leaves 66-year-old Donal McGurit dead

A car accident in Lincoln County took the life of 66-year-old Donald McGurit.

The crash took place on U.S. Highway 62 near McLoud Oklahoma. Around 11 p.m. emergency personnel responded to the calls about a two car accident and someone severely hurt. When they arrived on the scene, EMT’s had to provide treatment to all parties.

Medics did the best they could, but one driver named Donal McGurit was already fading from this life by the time they arrived. The other driver was identified as 19-year-old Mikalen Lopez and her two passengers who were unnamed all sustained injuries as well.

All three were treated by the medics on the scene before being transported to a local hospital.

Police are still searching for the cause of the accident. As of now, investigators only know that the two cars collided resulting in the injuries. As the story develops we will keep you updated.

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