Oct 8 2017 0

Maleta Nele and Jordan Chance killed in crash on Hwy 277

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol released a report about an injury collision in southwest Oklahoma.

According to the report, Maleta Nele and Jordan Chance were in a car driving on Hwy 277. Officer say a northbound car drifted into oncoming traffic. Before Nele and Chance could swerve, the two vehicles collided with devastating impact. Emergency personnel rushed to the scene to assess the situation. The report didn’t say if the victims were treated at the scene, however, both Nele and Chance died from their injuries.

The guilty driver was also injured in the crash and treated at a local hospital. Police released him after taking his statement. the investigation is still underway and it will take a couple days before the information is released. Police are trying to determine what caused the driver to leave his lane. Alcohol was not mentioned in the report so impairment was likely ruled out. Police are asking anyone with information to come forward and assist police.

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