Pedestrian Collision in Tulsa
Pedestrian Collision in Tulsa
Sep 29 2017 0

Many injuries reported in a three car collision on I-35 in OK

Emergency crews in Oklahoma City responded to a multiple vehicle collision southbound on I-35.

According to the report, at least two cars and one SUV collided after one vehicle caused the crash. At this time, the crash is under investigation. Officers at the scene were not able to provide an official cause in the report. The crash caused one vehicle to leave the road, one vehicle was totaled and the other also sustained damage.

Cleanup crews worked on the scene for a few hours while medical personnel treated the injuries. The report said at least one driver was injured but multiple injuries are expected. While the investigation is pending, authorities have chose to keep the names of those involved private. Neither driver was cited at the scene. This will change as the evidence is processed.

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Pedestrian Collision in Tulsa