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Megan Hobbs arrested Friday for involvement in 2016 deadly Christmas time crash

A report by the Tulsa Police Department says they have arrested a woman named Megan Hobbs for her involvement in a deadly crash on December 17, 2016.

That crash, left a local musician named John Holata dead at the scene. State Troopers say Hobbs was on the wrong side of traffic on I-44 when she crashed in to Holata’s car head-on. After the initial collision, Holata’s vehicle was then hit by a car driven by Cheryl Hopkins.

At the time of the crash, no arrests were made and no details about the condition of the other drivers were released. When emergency personnel arrived, they transported a barely-living Holata to a local hospital where he held on for 8 days.

On Christmas Day, John Holata left behind his wife Kasey and 11-year-old son. Doctors say Holata died due to complications with his wounds.

After a long investigation by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, they issued an arrest warrant for Megan Hobbs for manslaughter. Investigators say Hobbs was under the influence at the time, and this caused the collision.

Other than manslaughter, Hobbs is being charged with other crimes like driving while intoxicated, improper driving, and driving without a license. All of these charges led to Hobbs’ bond being set to $260,000.

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