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Motorcycle accident takes the life of Oklahoma man

Motorcycle riders are out in full force these days, enjoying the warm weather and seeing Oklahoma’s beautiful scenery from the unencumbered perspective that only a bike can offer. Knowing this, motorists would do well to keep an eye out for these bikers. Motorcycle accidents can happen at any time and when they do, the consequences are usually catastrophic. With little to no real protection from impact, bikers can wind up with broken bones, neck damage, head trauma and even fatal injuries.

Motorcyclists should also be hyperaware of their surroundings. Inattentive, distracted and inebriated drivers are out there and one small mistake could be deadly. Even if you’re totally comfortable on your bike, it’s good to remind yourself of the dangers every time you don that helmet to go riding.

One Oklahoma man could have used that advice June 16 when a truck turned in front of him in the Pauls Valley area. It was too late to stop and the bike slammed head-first into the pickup. The driver of the motorcycle suffered major head injuries and was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. The driver of the pickup did not suffer any injuries.

State troopers are conducting an investigation into the cause of the accident, but have not released any further details.

If you’re involved in a motorcycles accident, an Oklahoma attorney would look at several factors. Was the driver distracted or inattentive? Did he or she notice the motorcycle? Were alcohol or drugs involved? Did speed play a part in the wreck?

Any of these questions could lead to proof of negligence on the part of the other driver and may be used in a civil case.

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