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Motorcyclists often face prejudice and stereotyping

We recently reported on a motorcycle accident that occurred in Oklahoma City in which the biker was killed. Bearing this tragedy in mind, we would like to take this opportunity to discuss the dangers and potential aftermath of motorcycle accidents in the state of Oklahoma. It goes without saying that motorcyclists are at an extreme disadvantage in nearly every accident due to the nature of such vehicles. However, motorcyclists face more than devastating injury following an accident.

Perhaps more dangerous to any biker than the nature of their injuries is the battle of profiling that they face in society and, by extension, sometimes courts. People often assume that motorcyclists are thrill-seekers and rebels who flaunt the rules of the road either to amuse themselves or save time. While it is true that some motorcyclists take advantage of their size by weaving in and out of traffic, it is unfair to assume that all motorcyclists exercise such behavior. Much like with car drivers, there are some safe drivers and some unsafe drivers.

Unfortunately for motorcyclists, this misconception often follows them in the event of a motorcycle accident and leads people to assume that the motorcyclist was at fault in an accident. Of course police investigations can often clear up the circumstances of an accident, but investigations are not perfect. Without being directly involved in the accident, it is very difficult to truly determine exactly what happened.

This is why motorcyclists who are involved in an accident need strong legal representation. An attorney who is familiar with motorcycle accidents can review your case and help conduct a thorough investigation to determine who was truly at fault, and then prove that fault before the courts. A successful claim can result in compensation to help pay for your injuries, lost wages and even damages to your motorcycle.

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