Fatal Multi-Vehicle Wreck in Osage County
Fatal Multi-Vehicle Wreck in Osage County
Sep 14 2017 0

A multi-vehicle collision on I-35 in Edmond left at least two drivers seriously injured other minor injuries.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol release an accident report about a collision involving at least two vehicles on I-35 in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Police responded to calls about a collision in the northbound lanes of I-35 near Danforth Rd. When they arrived, authorities blocked off the road because the accident stretched across multiple lanes. The blockage lasted for at least 2 hours while cleanup crews worked. According to the initial report, four vehicles were involved in the accident and there were multiple injuries. The details are still being worked out by police and as of now, no official cause has been determined.

Medical personnel was also called to the scene, to treat the injuries and at least two people had to be taken to the hospital. Also, all of the involved parties are fortunate to still be alive after the wreck. Investigators are testing the condition of each of the drivers for drugs and alcohol. They are also gathering statements from the drivers involved to see if a cohesive story can be constructed. It will take a few weeks before the investigation concludes but as of now, no arrests have been made.

We hope all of the drivers and injured parties make a speedy recovery from their injuries.

If you have sustained injuries in a multi-vehicle collision you may need a personal injury attorney. When the investigation concludes and blame is placed, other drivers who were involved will begin to file their claims. You will need an aggressive and experienced attorney to make sure your claim is honored and you aren’t forgotten. Each of the injured drivers will seek the maximum compensation and we will do the same on your behalf. The difference is our experience has prepared us with the necessary tools in order to ensure your victory. Call our highly skilled and experienced attorneys at 888-352-0624 to schedule your consultation. Act now before your claim expires. The quicker you file, the better chance you have.



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Fatal Multi-Vehicle Wreck in Osage County