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A multi-vehicle collision on Kenosha St in Broken Arrow left one person in critical condition.

A multi-vehicle collision on Kenosha St in Broken Arrow left one person in critical condition.

Broken Arrow Police released a report about a collision involving multiple vehicles on U.S. Highway 51 near Kenosha St.

The cause of the crash is still unclear as there are many factors that may have caused the collision. There were at least two vehicles involved and it’s believed that one of the drivers lost control of their vehicle causing the crash. However, investigators still cannot confirm this. Although the crash took place on a populated highway, no witnesses to the crash have come forward with information.

The preliminary report did not say anything about the condition of the drivers as police believed they appeared normal. Crashes like this are usually due to inattention or a distracted driver and take a while for the investigation to finish. Medical personnel also arrived at the scene where they provided treatment to all parties. One of the motorist’s injuries were more severe than the other and that person was transported to the hospital. They were taken in critical condition and no update on their condition has been released. The other three involved parties sustained minor injuries and were advised to take themselves to the hospital. Neither driver was cited at the scene.

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