Bus Injury Crash in LeFlore County
Bus Injury Crash in LeFlore County
Sep 19 2017 0

Multiple injuries reported after a car and school bus collided on 41st St in Tulsa

The Tulsa Police Department released a statement about a collision between a school bus and car in late August.

According to the statement, both the bus and vehicle was traveling on 41st Street near Edison Prep School just before the crash. Investigators are working to determine who caused the crash. As of now, police believe the driver of the car may have been distracted or lost control prior to the accident which may have caused the crash. The report did not say if they obtained a statement from either driver, but we know they will be checking bus cameras.

Authorities did not say who was injured or whether any children were on the bus. It is likely there were children on the because summer sports were going around that time. We also know that there were not fatal injuries and all injured parties were treated at the scene. At least one person was taken to the hospital due to their injuries being severe. Although it has been a couple weeks since the accident, the investigation is still pending and no new information has been released. We will provide updates as authorities release details.

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Bus Injury Crash in LeFlore County