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Mar 26 2018 0

Multiple Vehicle Accident Kills Two

Head On CollisionA Monday morning commute turned tragic for two drivers near Tahlequah following a multiple vehicle accident.  Cody Vernon Harvey, 27, operated a vehicle southbound on State Highway 87 until the vehicle crossed the center line into the northbound lane of the roadway.  While in the northbound lane, Harvey’s vehicle struck two oncoming vehicles. Lonnie Gilbert Hammond’s vehicle suffered the first impact.  Hammond’s vehicle then departed the roadway.

However, after the collision with Hammond, Harvey’s vehicle continued its travel in the northbound lanes.  Eventually, the vehicle struck a third vehicle operated by forty six year old Lana Leann Snyder.  Snyder’s vehicle absorbed a head on impact.  The aftermath of the collision left both Snyder and Harvey dead at the scene.  The Oklahoma Highway Patrol investigated the accident.  However, at this time, troopers are unable to pinpoint exactly why Harvey’s vehicle crossed the center line.

Multiple Vehicle Accident

A multiple vehicle accident presents unique issues in an injury case.  Sometimes it is not clear which driver caused the accident. In such cases, the investigating officer may observe the scene and attempt to determine, in their opinion, who is at fault.  The officer may take measurements, record witness statements and look at the physical proximity of the vehicles to each other.

In other multiple vehicle accident cases, there is no dispute which driver caused the collision.  This tragic case appears to have clear liability.  However, there are often other issues with these cases.  Many people are not aware that insurance companies have a “per accident” coverage limit.  In other words, the insurance company will only pay the total limit of the policy.  For a situation where there are multiple victims, this often leads to insurance benefits that are very inadequate.   In these instances, it is vitally important to have an attorney who can locate and recover all available insurance benefits.

Attorney Kent McGuire has the experience needed in difficult situations.  His background as a personal injury attorney as well as an attorney for insurance companies means that he knows the law in this area.  If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, call the McGuire Law Firm at 888-352-0624 to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney today.


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