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The Need for Auto Insurance

The Need for Auto Insurance and the Protection It Offers

There are different laws concerning insurance requirements in every state. It is a must that you understand these laws to get the right insurance with minimal cost and maximum coverage. Understanding insurance coverage is a must, as some of them may not offer the kind of protection you need especially for serious injuries.

Liability insurance

Almost every state requires motorists to get liability insurance. If you are involved in an accident, this insurance will help you pay for the cost of an attorney if you are sued. You will save thousands of dollars for legal fees. Bodily injuries should also be covered by the insurance. The medical expenses could really blow up depending on the impact of the accident. Hence, it is essential to get the right insurance coverage. This insurance should also cover the cost for property damages. If you are involved in a car accident and it was determined that you are at fault, leading to the damage of another person’s vehicle, this insurance will cover the cost.

Damages to the vehicle

Regardless of who was at fault during the accident, the insurance company must cover the cost of the damages. It means that you should not worry about having your car repaired or restored. In most states, once you have filed for insurance claims, the entire vehicle will be scrapped and replaced with a new one. You may also file fir insurance claims with the insurance company of the other party, depending on the arrangement. Take note though that once you have filed for an insurance claim, you must get the actual cash value of the vehicle. It doesn’t matter how much the cost was when you have bought the vehicle. This means that the amount could be lower due to depreciation. It is still better than not getting anything at all.

Consider comprehensive insurance coverage

It is possible to get an insurance policy that does not only cover accidents. A comprehensive insurance plan covers damages due to natural disasters, theft or even vandalism. This is the type of insurance that is perfect if your car is of high value. Take note that just like other insurance policies, you will only be getting the actual cash value of the vehicle and deductibles will still be applied.

Personal injury protection

Aside from reimbursing the cost damage of the vehicle involved in the accident the insurance must also cover the medical cost. If the person involved in the accident has sustained injuries, the insurance must fully cover the cost. There are other insurance policies that don’t only cover the medical cost, but also the lost wages due to the inability of the patient to continue working. Take note that your health care plan might already cover the medical cost. Study the coverage of the insurance policies first before making a decision on which one is suited for you.


Being involved in an accident can cause physical and emotional trauma. The least that you want to happen during these incidents is to think about money. It is great if you have an insurance policy to cover the cost.     If you need legal help with your insurace company after an accident feel free to contact us at the MCGuire Law Firm for a free consultation


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