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New developments on crash that left 4 residents dead in Jenks

According to a report released by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, there are new developments about a fatal car crash that left 4 Jenks residents dead. The report isn’t heavy on details but it does say that the driver Erin Van Horn was distracted before the crash.

The initial report stated that Erin Van Horn was driving home with her six kids from Turner Falls. At the time, police wasn’t sure what caused the crash. But now they believe a distraction from either inside or outside of the car diverted Van Horn’s attention.

Whatever it was that held Van Horn’s attention it caused her to crash into the back of a semi-truck who was stopped. As a result of the crash, Erin Van Horn lost her life, as well as her son Zach who was 10 and Beck Kitterman who was 11.

Lizzie Edwards, Izzy Kitterman, and Lauren Van Horn were all transported from the scene in various conditions. After a two day battle, 13-year-old Lizzie Edwards passed from this life due to her injuries. Izzy Kitterman just had lung surgery and family member say she is expected to recover. Lauren Van Horn’s injuries were not as severe as the other two but she is still recovering from the accident.

The only two who did not sustain major injuries was an unnamed 7-year-old and the driver of the 18-wheeler.

It is too hard to think about the potential futures robbed from these children. We offer our condolences to the families and communities effected by this tragedy.

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