Vehicle Strikes and Kills Man in Tulsa
Vehicle Strikes and Kills Man in Tulsa
Dec 2 2018 0

Norman, OK – Santa Claus Injured in Automobile Accident

Santa Claus Suffers in Automobile Accident

Norman, OK (December 2, 2018) On the evening of November 30th, a man named Donn Mason who dresses as Santa Claus every year suffered injuries from an automobile accident. According to officials, Mason attempted to cross the street when a vehicle struck him in front of the Elm Avenue parking garage near Catlett Music Center.

Emergency crews arrived at the scene and transported Mason to Norman Regional Hospital where he is receiving treatment for a broken left pelvis and a broken right leg. Thankfully, Mason is in stable condition. The police are currently investigating the accident.

Pedestrian Accidents in Oklahoma

Automobile Accident in Norman

Studies have shown that pedestrian fatalities have risen by 27% within the last decade. Unfortunately, the most common cause for this increase in deaths is negligent behavior on the driver’s behalf. Fortunately for Mason, he survived after being struck by a vehicle on a rainy night.

Because he suffered serious injuries, he will be unable to work this year as Santa Claus. He’s revealed that he’s missing out on a considerable amount of income since he’s already had to cancel 18 events due to his injuries. Mason could file a personal injury lawsuit and receive compensation for his medical expenses and loss of wages.

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Vehicle Strikes and Kills Man in Tulsa