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OKC police repsond to injury crash on Kilpatrick Turnpike

Oklahoma City Police responded to a crash that took place in the eastbound lanes of Kilpatrick Turnpike.

At this time, not much information is known about the crash. Officers say two vehicles collided leaving Kilpatrick Turnpike blocked near Council. Both of the drivers sustained injuries in the crash, but they were minor. EMTs that arrived at the scene provided treatment to those involved but it’s unclear if either was taken to the hospital. Both drivers were coherent when police arrived and provided statements.

As of now, neither of the drivers involved will face criminal action for the crash. It will likely stay this way as the cause is believed to be accidental. Alcohol was ruled out at the scene along with malicious intent. The investigation is still open and police will check everything twice to be sure. We will provide updates to the story as they are released by Oklahoma City Officers.

The eastbound lanes of Kilpatrick Turnpike are open again but drivers should expect traffic in the area. All drivers are urged to remain safe for when driving.

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