Shooting on 49th Street in Tulsa
Shooting on 49th Street in Tulsa
Dec 22 2018 0

Oklahoma City, OK – Fatal Pedestrian Accident in Northeast Oklahoma

Two Vehicles Involved in Fatal Pedestrian Accident

Oklahoma City, OK (December 22, 2018) – On the evening of December 21st,a fatal pedestrian accident happened near Northeast 23rd Street and North Bryant Avenue in northeast Oklahoma. According to officials, two vehicles struck a pedestrian, one of which fled the scene without stopping. The second vehicle stayed and called the police. By the time the paramedics arrived, the pedestrian had already suffered fatal injuries. The police are currently investigating the accident and searching for the other driver responsible.

We are saddened to know that a life was lost in this accident. We send our condolences to the deceased person’s family as we know it’s never easy to lose a loved one.

Pedestrian Accidents in Oklahoma

Fatal Pedestrian Accident in Oklahoma City

Studies have proven that the leading causes of pedestrian accidents in Oklahoma are distractions, unsafe speeds, and violation of the rules of the road. All drivers are expected to yield as they approach pedestrians– even in the most unlikely of places and even if the pedestrian does not have the right of way. Because pedestrians don’t wear protective gear to shield their bodies from harm, drivers are supposed to avoid hitting them under all circumstances.

The deceased pedestrian’s family could pursue a wrongful death lawsuit with the help of an Oklahoma wrongful death attorney.

At McGuire Law Firm, we’ve helped families in the past win their wrongful death lawsuits against negligent parties and obtain large settlement amounts to help cover funeral costs, loss of spousal support, and more. If you or someone you know lost a loved one in a pedestrian accident, call(405) 513-5658 today.

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Shooting on 49th Street in Tulsa