Deadly Accident in Okfusgee
Deadly Accident in Okfusgee
Jul 30 2018 0

Oklahoma City, OK – Fatal Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian Suffers Fatal Injuries

Pedestrian Accident in Oklahoma CityOklahoma City, OK (July 28, 2018) On Saturday night, around 10: 40 p.m., a pedestrian accident occurred on Northwest 36th Street and North Tulsa Avenue. Police identified the accident as a fatal hit-and-run. The pedestrian was hit by a burgundy or maroon Ford Explorer. Officials state the Explorer fled the scene shortly after the collision and should have damage to the front side.

Pedestrian Accidents in Oklahoma

Pedestrians are always at risk even if they’re cautiously looking out for vehicles. Drivers often hit pedestrians when they’re succumbing to distractions, driving at unsafe speeds, and violating road rules. There are all kinds of distractions that pull drivers’ attention away from the road including texting, eating, and programming a GPS. Drivers traveling at unsafe speeds are always dangerous because if they see a pedestrian too late, there won’t be enough time to step on the brakes. If drivers are making illegal turns and backing out of areas without looking, they are violating the rules of the road and putting pedestrians at risk.

Once investigators find the driver responsible for hitting the man, the man’s family can meet with attorneys to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Although filing a claim and receiving compensation will not compensate for the lost life of their loved one, it can assist them with funeral expenses. Because the driver is responsible for taking an innocent man’s life, the driver should pay for the funeral expenses.

At McGuire Law Firm, we know how devastating pedestrian accidents are for our clients and their loved ones, which is why we prioritize their cases and assist them in any way we can. If you, or someone you love, received injuries in a pedestrian accident, call 888-352-0624.

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Deadly Accident in Okfusgee