Patrol Vehicle Accident in Oklahoma City
Patrol Vehicle Accident in Oklahoma City
Dec 25 2018 0

Oklahoma City, OK – Officer Injured in Patrol Vehicle Accident

Stolen Vehicle Pursuit Leads to Patrol Vehicle Accident

Oklahoma City, OK (December 25, 2018) On the 24th of December, a patrol vehicle accident happened when  Cotton County Sheriff Kent Simpson responded to a stolen vehicle pursuit. According to the reports, the 59-year-old officer lost control of his cruiser as he drove on a gravel road, which caused him to slam into a tree. When the paramedics arrived, they transported him to a hospital in Lawton due to head, arm, leg, and internal injuries. However, after quick evaluation, he was then flown to a hospital in Oklahoma City. The accident is still under investigation.

We are glad to hear that no fatalities resulted from this accident. We hope Simpson fully recovers from all of his injuries and is surrounded by supportive family and friends during his healing process.

Vehicle Accidents in Oklahoma

Studies show that less than one hundred officers lose their lives in vehicle accidents every year, which is a refreshing fact. However, many police officers still get injured while on duty, just as Simpson did. Negligent driving is usually the cause of most vehicle accidents, but hazardous road conditions and defective auto parts also play a role, which might have been the case for this accident. Once the police finish their investigation, Simpson may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit.

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Patrol Vehicle Accident in Oklahoma City