School Bus Accident in Oklahoma City
School Bus Accident in Oklahoma City
Dec 20 2018 0

Oklahoma City, OK – School Bus Accident in Southeast Oklahoma

Child Injured in School Bus Accident

Oklahoma City, OK (December 20, 2018) On the morning of December 20th, a school bus collision happened in southeast Oklahoma City. According to the Oklahoma Fire Department, the accident occurred near South Air Depot Boulevard and Southeast 149th Street. Ten students were on board at the time of the crash. When emergency responders arrived, they found one child suffering from minor injuries. The accident is currently under investigation.

We hope the injured child receives adequate treatment and quickly recovers from any injuries.

Bus Accidents in Oklahoma

School Bus Accident in Oklahoma City

Over the past decade, over one thousand students have suffered fatal injuries due to school bus accidents. The main cause is usually driver’s error or manufacturing issues. All school bus drivers must oblige by the common carrier law, which means they must drive with a certain duty of care on the roads since they’re operating a large vehicle with so many lives on board. They must also be cautious of other vehicles and pedestrians in surrounding areas.

The police are still investigating this accident. They’re checking to see if other vehicles were involved and if negligence played a role. They’re also checking for any mechanical issues or hazardous road conditions. Once they conclude their reports, the child’s parents could file a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of the child.

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School Bus Accident in Oklahoma City