Serious Truck Accident in Moore
Serious Truck Accident in Moore
Dec 6 2018 0

Oklahoma City, OK – Semi-Truck Accident on I-40

One Injured in Semi-Truck Accident

Oklahoma City, OK (December 7, 2018) A semi-truck accident happened on Interstate 40 on December 6th. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol report states that somehow a semi-truck and passenger vehicle collided. The impact of the collision left the semi-truck jackknifed and pinned the passenger vehicle against a wall. All four lanes were shut down as emergency crews worked to clear the scene. They found at least one person suffering injuries that appear to be non-life threatening. The injured victim was extricated and transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. The accident is under investigation.

We are glad to hear that the injured driver is in stable condition. We hope he recovers fast from his injuries.

Truck Accidents in Oklahoma

Semi-Truck Accident in Oklahoma City

Studies show that an average 5,000 people in passenger vehicles suffer fatal injuries after colliding with a semi-truck. The most common causes are usually driver fatigue, defective auto parts, hazardous weather conditions, or bad road conditions. To lower the number of fatalities, the federal government has designed rules for truck companies to comply with. It’s illegal for a truck driver to use a cell phone while driving and to drive past a certain amount of hours each week. To determine cause and liability, the police will perform a thorough evaluation to see if the truck driver didn’t comply with these regulations.  The police will also investigate both driver’s state of minds to ensure no alcohol or drugs were involved at the time of the accident. They’ll evaluate highway conditions as well as the logbook of the truck driver. Once the police conclude their report, the injured victim may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit.

At McGuire Law Firm, we have the knowledge and expertise necessary to help our clients pursue all potential liable parties when involved in a truck accident. We’ve helped clients recover thousands of dollars in settlements for their personal injuries, loss of wages, and more. If you or someone you know was involved in a truck accident, call (405) 513-5658.

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Serious Truck Accident in Moore