Holiday Safe Driving Tips For Oklahoma Motorists
Holiday Safe Driving Tips For Oklahoma Motorists
Nov 17 2018 0

Oklahoma City, OK – Twelve-Car Collision on I-40

Chain Reaction Causes Twelve-Car Collision

Oklahoma City, OK (November 17, 2018) On November 17th, a twelve-car collision happened on the I-40 near Choctaw Road. Officials reported that the chain-reaction accident happened in the westbound lanes, but all of the lanes were shut down as emergency crews worked to clear the scene. The ambulance arrived to assist injured victims, but there’s no definite number of how many people got hurt. The police are currently investigating the accident.

Vehicle Accidents in Oklahoma

Twelve-Car Collision on I-40 in Oklahoma City

The most common cause of vehicle accidents is some form of negligent driving, whether it be texting, eating, applying makeup, speeding, driving under the influence, conversing with a passenger, or falling asleep at the wheel. There’s also a possibility that hazardous weather conditions or bad road conditions caused the crash. It’s very unfortunate that so many cars were involved in this collision. There’s a chance that some of the drivers and passengers obtained injuries. The police are currently working to figure out what led up to the crash. Depending on who is deemed liable, the injured victims could work with a personal injury attorney to file personal injury lawsuits.

At McGuire Law Firm, it’s our job to fight for our clients until they receive the compensation they may be entitled to for their injuries. We understand how detrimental vehicle accidents can be, which is why we prioritize our clients’ cases until they receive the justice they may deserve. We believe our clients should be compensated for personal injuries, vehicle damages, and more. If you, or someone you know, received injuries in a vehicle collision, call (405) 513-5658.

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Holiday Safe Driving Tips For Oklahoma Motorists