Two-Car Crash in Oklahoma City
Two-Car Crash in Oklahoma City
Jan 9 2019 0

Oklahoma City, OK – Two-Car Crash on North May Avenue

One Injured in Two-Car Crash

Oklahoma City, OK (January 9, 2019) On the 9th of January, a two-car crash happened at the intersection of North May Avenue and West Wilshire Boulevard. According to the reports, two vehicles crashed into each other for unknown reasons. When emergency crews arrived at the scene to help, they found one person suffering from minor injuries and transported the injured victim to a nearby hospital for treatment. Crews blocked one northbound lane and one southbound lane as they worked to clear and investigate the accident.

We are sorry to hear that someone is suffering from injuries and we hope they make a full recovery.

Vehicle Accident s in Oklahoma

Recent studies show that 40 percent of all accidents involve intersections, which means one driver had the right of way and the other driver didn’t. Even though it appears as though it would be simple to determine liability in a two-car crash, it’s still complex because there are various factors to consider. Investigators are currently doing a thorough examination of each vehicle to determine if there were any malfunctioning auto parts or other mechanical issues. They’re also checking road conditions as well as the state of mind of each driver. Once they conclude their reports, the injured victim may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit with the help of an attorney.

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Two-Car Crash in Oklahoma City