Head-On Collision in Oklahoma City
Head-On Collision in Oklahoma City
Jan 13 2019 0

Oklahoma City, OK – Two Injured in Head-On Collision on State Highway 1

Police Investigate Critical Head-On Collision

Oklahoma City, OK (January 13, 2019) On the morning of January 9th, a critical head-on collision happened in the eastbound lanes of State Highway 1 at County Road 1530 Loop. According to the reports, two vehicles were traveling at a high speed when they crashed into each other head-on sometime in the early afternoon.

When emergency crews arrived to assist at the scene, they found both drivers suffering from multiple open fractures and transported them via separate AirEvac Lifeteam helicopters to the University of Oklahoma Medical Center in Oklahoma City.

Crews partially close the highway for more than an hour as the worked to rescue the drivers and clean up the crash site.

This accident is currently under investigation.

We are sorry to hear that both drivers sustained serious injuries and hope they fully recover without any complications.

Head-On Collisions in Oklahoma

Head-On Collision in Oklahoma City

Head-on collisions usually occur when one driver is driving in the wrong lane due to excessive alcohol consumption, fatigue, mechanical errors, or distractions. There are some cases where drivers are in unfamiliar areas that may not have appropriate road signs, which causes them to end up in the wrong lanes and crashing into other vehicles. No matter the cause, there’s always at least one driver responsible for causing a head-on collision.

The police are working to determine which of these two drivers was in the wrong lane and what caused them to do so in the first place. Depending on their findings, it’s likely that personal injury lawsuits will be filed with the help of an Oklahoma personal injury attorney.

At McGuire Law Firm, we understand how dangerous and life-threatening head-on collisions can be for our clients, which is why we fight so hard for their rights. We want to see our clients win their lawsuits and obtain maximum compensation for damages and losses caused by other negligent parties. If you or someone you know was injured in a head-on collision, call (405) 513-5658 for a free consultation today.

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Head-On Collision in Oklahoma City