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Oklahoma mourns the loss of Firefighter Todd Evers after deadly crash

The state of Oklahoma is mourning the loss of a firefighter named Todd Evers.

A report released by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol say Todd Evers was killed after a head-on collision with a tractor-trailer. Police say the crash occurred on Western and 122nd around 6 a.m.

At this time investigators are still unsure what caused the crash, and fault has not been placed. The front of Evers’ vehicle was smashed in and the front blade of the tractor went through the windshield of Evers’ car and temporarily trapped him. Evers was trapped for an unknown amount of time before fire crews were able to extract him.

Evers was then rushed to a local hospital where he fought for his life for several days. Eventually, Todd  Evers passed due to the severity of his wounds. Todd Evers served his community for 20 years as a fire prevention inspector for the Tinker Fire Department. The driver of tractor was not injured in the crash but he is being questioned about his involvement.

Firefighters put their lives on the line everyday they suit up. Families often worry about their safety and pray they make it home. To lose a loved one outside of their dangerous job can come as a complete shock. We want to offer our condolences to the family of Todd Evers as they deal with a tragic loss.
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