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Oklahoma pedestrian fatally injured in accident

Whenever talk of car accidents or fatal motor vehicle accidents begins, there is often a sense of deniability, an idea that it could never happen to you or anyone you know. While we sincerely hope that this is true for every resident of Oklahoma, the sad reality is that these accidents do happen, and simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time could mean it happens to you.

A tragic fatal pedestrian accident recently occurred in Clinton, Oklahoma, in which a man was killed after being struck by a vehicle. There are two factors that make this case particularly tragic: the man was killed in a hit-and-run accident, and it was caught on surveillance footage. This means that not only did the driver in the accident leave a fatally injured man alone on the ground in his final moments but also that the victim’s family must bear witness to the tragedy.

Perhaps the only good news about the scenario is that, since video evidence exists, it is more likely the alleged perpetrator, a 61-year-old woman, may have to face legal consequences for her actions. The footage indicates that the man was fatally injured when a vehicle struck him as he approached a parking lot. The vehicle then dragged him more than 150 feet, perhaps because the driver was unaware she had struck the man. The driver is currently facing negligent homicide charges.

As frightening as it may be, these tragic accidents do occur, and there is no way to predict them and very few ways to stop them. Those who have lost loved ones to such tragedies should remember that they can bring legal action against the person responsible for the accident. A wrongful death lawsuit could see you compensated for your loss, and ensure that some measure of justice is served.

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