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Oklahoma police in midst of ‘Drive Sober’ campaign

The two-week period of Aug. 15 to Sept. 1 is the annual “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign. Law enforcement agencies around the country will increase patrols for suspected drunk drivers, in order to hopefully reduce the number of car accidents.

The period around the Labor Day weekend can be deadly, as many people “celebrate” the holiday by driving drunk. The result can be the death of innocent people in DUI crashes. Sadly, Oklahoma is no stranger to this type of tragedy. Last year, 12 people died in accidents over the three-day weekend. Nationwide, 147 were killed in 2012.

A state trooper said that trying to stop fatal accidents from happening is the biggest reason for the campaign. He encouraged people celebrating Labor Day to be smart about it.

To that end, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration offers some tips on how to stay safe:

· Pick a designated driver before starting to drink.

· If someone has been drinking and does not have a sober ride, have them call a friend or relative, or arrange for a taxi or bus ride home.

· Do not let an obviously intoxicated person drive. If they insist, take their keys away and get them a ride.

· Call police if you see someone on the road you suspect is intoxicated.

We hope that our readers will enjoy a fun and safe holiday weekend. Hopefully, Oklahoma’s highways will be clear of drunk drivers, and there will be no serious car crashes this year.

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