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Apr 27 2018 0

One Dead Following Motorcycle Crash

Motorcycle accidentOne person is dead following an Oklahoma motorcycle accident in Grady, County.  The crash took place at 8:20 Thursday evening on state Highway 37 near Minco.   Christian Boatman, 20, and Tatum Horn, 18, were on the motorcycle at the time of the crash.  Alvaro Acosta, 59, was driving an SUV.   Acosta’s vehicle collided with the motorcycle, resulting in Boatman and Horn being seriously injured.  Boatman went to the hospital and is currently listed in critical condition.  Unfortunately, Horn died at the scene of the crash.  Neither Horn nor Boatman wore helmets at the time of the crash.  Acosta received no injuries.  Authorities did not release a cause for the collision.

Oklahoma Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycles are dangerous vehicles.  While they may offer the thrill of a fast ride or attention of other motorists, too many times a motorcycle accident can be fatal.   Motorcycles obviously do not have the protection of an outer frame, leaving the motorcycle rider vulnerable to serious injuries in the event of an accident.

Unfortunately, this case illustrates some of the dangers faced by motorcycle riders.  Neither Boatman nor Tatum were wearing a helmet at the time of the collision.  It is not clear if the lack of a helmet was a primary cause of Boatman’s death.   However, motorcyclists should always wear helmets as helmet use may be the difference between life or death in a motorcycle accident.

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