Sep 27 2017 0

One driver is in the hospital after two cars collided on I-40 in Pottawatomie County

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol released a report about an injury collision that took place in Pottawatomie County.

According to the report, two vehicles were driving eastbound on I-40 prior to the collision. Near the 194 mile marker, the two vehicles collided injuring at least one of the drivers. Authorities were called and arrived at the scene shortly after to diagnose the situation. Officers took statements from the involved parties but were not able to conclude the cause of the crash.

A full investigation is being conducted to determine all factors leading up to the collision. The condition of the drivers was not mentioned in the report so impairment was likely ruled out. Neither of the drivers was cited or arrested at the scene for the crash, but that will likely change as the investigation continues. So far, no witnesses have come forward with information regarding the crash. If you have information, police urge you to call the number on the Oklahoma Highway Patrol’s website.

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