Sep 23 2017 0

One injured, four arrested after stolen car leads to crash in OKC

Oklahoma City Police are searching for the driver of a car that led police on a chase.

According to the report, officers attempted to stop a stolen car and the driver began fleeing eastbound. The chase tore through OKC streets with police following close behind. At first, police were playing it safe to avoid damage to citizens. As the chase progressed, an officer attempted to deploy stop sticks when the suspect swerved towards the officer. The report doesn’t say if the stop sticks were successful, but we know the chase ended quickly after that.

As the suspect vehicle got to 89th and McDonald Rd, the driver crashed and fled on foot. Everyone inside the car was taken into custody immediately. They told officers they were being held against their will. All of the passengers had previous warrants and were taken into custody. The driver was captured by a K-9 unit shortly after he escaped from the crash. He was taken to the hospital and released shortly after. It’s unclear if the occupants of the stolen car were injured in the crash.

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