Oct 5 2017 0

One killed and one injured after a serious two-vehicle wreck in Oklahoma City

After torrential rains in Oklahoma City, drivers are urged to remain careful.

Oklahoma City Police responded to calls about a crash that took place on SW 25th near Western Ave. Police believe rain and high speeds are what caused the crash. However, authorities were not able to provide an official cause of the crash. The initial report stated that as two vehicles were traveling south on I-40 prior to the crash, one driver lost control of the vehicle and crashed into another. Police did not say how severe the injuries were, but it is believed one of the drivers sustained life-threatening injuries.

Neither driver was cited for their involvement in the collision but this might change as evidence is processed and released. Authorities believe that rain was such an influence in the crash that the National Weather Service urged drivers to remain vigilant on the roadways. Also, Western Ave is still experiencing some delays due to the crash. We will keep you updated as details are released.

The driver’s identities have not been released at this time because the investigation is still pending. We offer our condolences to the family of the person who was killed.

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