Oct 24 2017 0

One killed, two injured in rear-end crash on Hwy 156

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol released a report about a rear-end crash that ended in death.

According to the report, a Chevy Tahoe that was carrying three passengers crashed into the back of a dump truck on Hwy 156. The dump truck slowed down because of a construction lane that was driving slow. The driver of the Tahoe was not paying attention and crashed into the back fo the truck. One passenger inside the Tahoe was not wearing a seatbelt and was killed in the collision. Two other people sustained major injuries and was taken to OU Medical Center.

Emergency personnel arrived at the scene and set to work. EMTs pronounced one person dead at the scene and stabilized two others before taking them to the hospital. Investigators began their investigation into the crash and were able to determine the cause. According to troopers, the crash was caused by inattention. It’s unclear if the driver of the Tahoe will face punishment for the crash.

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