Oct 25 2017 0

One person injured after crash on I-35 in OKC

Oklahoma City Police are investigating an accident that left at least one person injured.

According to the report, the crash took place on I-35 in OKC near Grand. As a result of the crash, one person was injured and taken to the hospital. The report didn’t say who was injured or how severe the injuries were. The crash left the inside lane of I-35 blocked for about an hour. One of the parties involved called the police who responded in a short time.

Once there, emergency personnel began to work. The person who was injured was stabilized and transported to a local hospital for treatment. The other driver involved gave a statement to police and was also checked by EMTs. At this time, neither of the drivers involved will face punishment for the crash. It will likely stay like this unless one of the parties involved files a civil suit.

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