Sep 12 2017 0

One person is hospitalized in Owasso, Oklahoma after a collision on E. 116 St.

Owasso police are checking into an accident injury that occurred on the 15800 block of E. 116 street.

Authorities arrived at the scene around 12:30 p.m. to address the situation and block off the scene. According to the report, no haul was needed and the scene was cleaned pretty quickly. When authorities arrived, one person was injured and the other driver stayed until police arrived. So far, no arrests have been made as police are still determining who is at fault. The report did not say who called the police, but authorities know there were witnesses present.

Medical personnel was also called to the scene for treatment of one of the drivers. Police have not released the condition of the injured driver, but we know he was transported to a local hospital for further evaluation. Police are also testing the blood of the involved parties for traces of impairment during the crash. The report listed both driver’s condition as normal at the time accident but police are checking to be sure. Authorities have also obtained statements from both drivers and witnesses but what was said has not been released. The identities of the drivers also have not been released because of the ongoing investigation.

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