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One person with major injuries after an accident on N. Yale Ave in Owasso, Oklahoma

Emergency and cleanup crews were needed at the scene of a car accident on the 8600 block of N. Yale. Ave

Owasso Police responded to calls about an accident involving two vehicles on the N. Yale Ave. The call came at 4:15 p.m., on September 8th and when authorities at the scene they began to section off the area. Police are now conducting an investigation to determine the exact cause of the crash. As of now, police do not have any leads as to why the crash occurred, but according to the initial report, inattention may have been the reason. At least one of the drivers were injured and had to be transported to a hospital in Owasso.

Authorities have not stated how serious the injury was but we know the person is still alive. Whether the driver will pull through has yet to be determined. The report did not say whether N. Yale Ave was closed but we ask drivers to use caution if they travel in the area. Both drivers were present at the scene, but police have not made any arrest. Also, both drivers conditions were reported as normal, so impairment has been ruled out. When more details surface, we will provide updates on the story.

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