Sep 25 2017 0

One person sent to hospital after collision on Choctaw Rd in OKC

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol released a post about an unknown injury accident east of Choctaw Road.

The report stated that two vehicles collided while traveling east on I-40. Authorities were called to the scene by one of the involved parties and emergency personnel quickly responded. When officers arrived, they blocked off the inside lanes where the accident took place until medical personnel arrived. Once EMTs arrived, they administered treatment to one of the drivers before transporting them to the hospital.

Authorities did not say how severe the injuries were, but we know they were non-life threatening. An investigation into the crash is being conducted by the OHP and updates about the situation are expected to follow. So far, investigators have been able to rule out impairment as a factor in the crash. Negligence or inattention is expected to be the cause of the collision but until evidence proves this, there will be no action. Neither driver was cited by officers but this is likely to change as new information surfaces.

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