Sep 2 2017 0

Owasso police search for hit-and-run suspect that fled from E. 96st crash

Police are scrambling to identify the vehicle that hit a man and fled the scene.

Troopers say a hit-and-run accident occurred on the 12500 block of E. 96st in Owasso. Authorities are still trying to understand what caused the accident and why the person fled the scene. The man who was hit, his identity is being held by law enforcement until they have more leads on the suspect.

Police believe they will have the suspect in custody soon because the area of the crash is very populated. Authorities are conducting interviews with local residents who are potential witnesses.

When EMTs arrived on the scene they found the man on the side of the road in critical condition. He was suffering from trunk and head injuries. Medical personnel did their best to stabilize him before transporting him to a local hospital for treatment. At this time, his condition is unknown.

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