Oct 5 2017 0

Pedestrian hospitalized after being hit by car in Lawton

Lawton Police say they were tracked down by the driver that hit a pedestrian near Cameron University.

According to the report, a pedestrian was driving down 38th St near Ole Kim Lane. It’s believed that the driver did not see the pedestrian before hitting him. After the collision, the driver drove around to find a police officer. The driver was successful at flagging down police and informed them of the situation. It’s not clear how far the driver had to travel from the man but he and the officers were back at the scene shortly.

Police called paramedics to the scene and they were able to stabilize the pedestrian. He was then transported to a local hospital with internal injuries. The driver was not arrested or cited at the scene, but that may change. A full investigation will be conducted to determine what took place. The driver gave a statement to police, but some details were withheld from the public. Also, it is unclear if the pedestrian has spoken to officers at this time. His condition is now unknown, but he is expected to recover.

The crash took place near Cameron University so police will likely check if any camera filmed the accident. However, it takes a while before the film will return. Also, toxicology results from both drivers will take time before they are released. Stay tuned for updates to the story as they develop.

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