Oct 26 2016 0

Pedestrians hit in car accidents have little chance of survival

Walking along some roads in Oklahoma can be extremely dangerous. Car accidents involving pedestrians often result in fatalities. One such a tragic incident recently claimed the life of a young woman and caused severe injuries to a baby.

A preliminary accident report indicates that a 19-year-old woman was pushing a stroller holding a 10-month-old baby along a Stillwater road shortly before 10 p.m. on a recent Sunday. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol reported that a southbound SUV left the roadway and struck the pedestrian and the stroller. The young woman lost her life, and her death was declared at the accident scene. A helicopter airlifted the critically injured child to a children’s hospital. OHP said none of the SUV occupants suffered injuries.

There are several unanswered questions after this crash. The reason for the SUV driver traveling off the roadway is yet to be determined. Also, although witnesses said that seeing this woman, walking with the baby in the stroller, was a daily occurrence, it is unknown why she would walk so late in the evening. It was also reported that the particular road is quite narrow, but the visibility level at night was not mentioned.

Fatal car accidents typically lead to civil lawsuits filed by surviving family members of deceased victims. Similar actions may be taken by injured victims or their parents or guardians, if they are children. Wrongful death and personal injury claims can be filed in an Oklahoma civil court. Negligence by another party will have to be established before the court will consider documented claims for either financial losses or emotional damages that were brought about by a crash. Once financial liability is determined and claims adjudicated, monetary judgments may be entered.

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