May 15 2014 0

Police investigating distracted driving accident

They’ve changed the way we communicate. They’ve changed the way the world works. They’ve put a world of information in the palm of our hands. Smart phones are one of the most significant inventions of this young century and yet, with all the advancement they herald, there are some significant side effects to their use.

One of the most important—and deadly—of those is the new trend of distracted drivers. Almost everyone has been guilty of it at some time or another. It seems harmless to pick up the phone and check an email or respond to that text that just chimed, but, by doing so, you’re putting your life at risk and the lives of everyone around you.

That’s exactly what happened May 7 on a section of northbound Highway 169 in Tulsa near the Broken Arrow Expressway.

A motorcycle driver had slowed to a stop on the highway because potholes were being worked on by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. A pickup truck slammed into the stopped motorcyclist, causing the bike to fly into another vehicle.

The motorcycle rider suffered broken arms and ribs and was taken to a hospital.

Officials are saying they think the driver of the pickup was busy with his mobile phone at the same time as the collision.

Many people feel that, in a normal car or motorcycle accident, an insurance company will take care of everything. Unfortunately that is not always the case and distracted driving incidents are becoming more and more common. The victims should know that this type of negligence should not be ignored. Contracting an Oklahoma attorney who is knowledgeable in motorcycle accidents may be a critical step in helping you pay for medical expenses and get compensation for pain and suffering.

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