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May 12 2018 0

Tulsa Rollover Crash Injures Two

rollover crashA rollover crash in Tulsa on Saturday afternoon resulted in for two drivers.  Police responded to a report of an accident on 1300 South Utica.  Once they arrived on scene, they found a collision involving a black SUV and a red truck at an intersection.  Further investigation revealed that the red truck was traveling south when the black SUV came to a stoplight.  The SUV did not have a green turn arrow.  It attempted to make a turn in front of the truck, but failed to do so in time, resulting in a collision at the intersection.  The impact caused the truck to roll over.

Both drivers are in the hospital after they were taken from the scene by ambulance.  Fortunately, neither driver has life threatening injuries as a result of the crash.  Police did not immediately identify the names of the drivers.   The investigation remains ongoing.

Rollover Crash

A rollover crash can result from almost any type of vehicle collision.  These crashes are scary as the driver loses complete control over the vehicle.  Additionally, seat belts and other safety features such as air bags offer little protection in a rollover crash.  Both drivers in this accident are fortunate to walk away with non-life threatening injuries.  Certainly, the accident and the associated injuries could have been much worse.

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