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May 16 2018 0

Police Search For Witnesses In Turnpike Crash

One person died in a crash on the Turner Turnpike Wednesday.  A semi carrying a load of concrete was traveling on the turnpike southbound near Sapulpa.  Some of the concrete fell off the bed of the semi and into the roadway.  Upon hitting the road, the concrete broke into several pieces in the Turnpike’s travel lane.   The debris in the roadway caused at least one wreck.  Unfortunately, one of the wrecks ended up being fatal.  There is no information on the identity of any individuals involved in wrecks.  Authorities did not identify the deceased individual.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol is investigating the accident.  The OHP has made no arrests and is in need of additional information.   They believe that one or more people witnessed the concrete falling from the semi truck.  OHP is asking anyone with additional information to call the Traffic Homicide Unit at 1-866-OHPTIPS to speak with an investigator.


Deadly accidents occur on a weekly, if not daily basis, across our state.  Many times there is a witness or witnesses to the accident.  These witnesses are crucial in helping police complete their crash investigation.  Usually, police will ask witnesses to give written statements relaying their observations about the crash.  Eventually, witnesses may be interviewed by an insurance company or asked to testify in court about the accident.  As neutral observers, their testimony can make or break an Oklahoma automobile accident case.

The attorneys at the McGuire Law Firm have nearly 30 years of experience in preparing and presenting these types of cases.  We know how to effectively present your case to achieve the best possible result.  This includes speaking with all individuals who are witnesses to your accident.

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