Hit-and-Run Automobile Accident in Tulsa
Hit-and-Run Automobile Accident in Tulsa
Aug 7 2018 0

Poteau, OK – Multi-Vehicle Accident on U.S. 59

Multi-Vehicle Accident Causes Injuries

Poteau, OK (August 6, 2018) On Monday night, a multi-vehicle accident occurred involving an Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper and another vehicle on U.S. 59. Officials state that the police officer, 41-year old Wesley Odom, had his lights and sirens on as he headed to an accident. A 74-year old woman named Miranda Green pulled out in front of the patrol car, causing the patrol car to hit her vehicle. Emergency responders transported Green to a local hospital for head, arm, and trunk internal injuries. Odom suffered minor injuries and the medical facility he went to released him after treatment. Officials are investigating the accident to determine who is at fault.

Multi-Vehicle Accidents in Oklahoma

Multi-Vehicle Accident in Poteau

The most common cause of multi-vehicle accidents is negligent driving, which includes speeding, using a cell phone, driving under the influence, and falling asleep at the wheel. When most emergency responders are on their way to an accident, they speed because they want to get to the accident as quickly as possible to provide assistance. However, not all drivers are aware of which direction the sirens are coming from. Therefore, collisions are highly possible. Because both drivers suffered injuries, once investigators determine who is liable, personal injury lawsuits can be filed with the help of a personal injury lawyer. Whoever is liable will have to pay for the other person’s medical expenses.

At McGuire Law Firm, we understand that vehicle accidents occur frequently for a variety of reasons. We do our absolute best to ensure our clients receive compensation for their injuries, especially if they are not liable for the accident. If you, or someone you love, received injuries in an accident, call (405) 513-5658.

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Hit-and-Run Automobile Accident in Tulsa